Disinterested, ignorant no more

  • Danish Raza, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 03, 2015 18:46 IST

India is one of the youngest nations on the planet with almost 50% of its population below 30 years of age. Every passing year, youngsters appear to be voicing their opinions on varied crucial issues.

Anti- corruption demonstrations of 2011 and street protests demanding strict laws to curb violence against women witnessed in 2013 are prime examples of how this class, once considered disinterested and ignorant, is becoming an active participant in issues of national interest and politics. In fact, the birth and thumping success of the Aam Aadmi Party was partially enabled due to the disenchantment of the youth towards traditional political parties.

Around 150 million first time voters belonging to 18-23 age- group cast their votes across the country, during general election 2014.

Riddled with nepotism, corruption and price rise, they voted for change.

The youth survey tries to capture various trends related to youth and politics. It tells you if they perceived the UPA government as corrupt or inefficient. Whether they were attracted to the promise of good governance or the much discussed Gujarat model of governance and had they voted the BJP to power if Narendra Modi was not the prime ministerial candidate, are some of the topics the survey has dwelled on. It also gives you an insight into who, Narendra Modi or Congress Rahul Gandhi, is winning over the youth of the country.

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