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Do you skip breakfast everyday before heading to work? Here's how to save your life

Do you skip breakfast everyday before heading to work? Save your life with these no-fuss sandwiches on each day of the week.

india Updated: Feb 01, 2013 01:17 IST
Debasmita Ghosh

It’s the Moon’s day — the day of changing moods and emotions. Beat the Monday blues with a bright and happy sunny-side-up sandwich or burger.

Ingredients: 1 burger bun or brown bread, 1 tomato (sliced), 2 lettuce leaves, 1tbsp butter, 1tbsp mustard sauce, 2tbsp fondue barbeque sauce, 1 poached fried egg, 1 frozen chicken patty (deep fried)

Method: Cut the burger bun horizontally from the middle and grill the halves in the oven for two to three minutes. Spread butter and mustard sauce on both halves. Place two lettuce leaves on the bottom half of the bun and arrange the tomato slices and drizzle some fondue barbeque sauce on it. Place the patty and the fried egg on top, and cover with the bun.

Recipe by chef Rajiv Kumar, Club Czar

The day of Mars is all about aggression and achievement. So, pack some energy with this wholesome ham sandwich coupled with nutrients of apple.
Apple-n-Ham Sandwich
Ingredients: 4 slices chicken ham, 1 apple (sliced and soaked in lime juice and sugar), 1 bunch lolorosso lettuce, 15gm pesto sauce, 1 whole slice french bread
Method: Cut the bread into two slices and base it with pesto sauce. Arrange the lettuce on top with ham and apple slices. Season with salt and white pepper. Serve with some French fries or potato wedges. If you have time, you could grill it for two minutes before eating.
Recipe by chef Naval Kishore, Cocoa House

It’s mid-week, and there’s loads of work to do. Prepare yourself for Mercury’s day, which is about strategy and purpose with a rich multigrain bite.
zesty Rucola sandwich
Ingredients: 4 slices multigrain bread, 240gm pea, cottage cheese block, 100gm rucola green, 2 coloured peppers, 1tbsp low-fat mayonnaise, 2 tomatoes (sliced), 2tsp Dijon mustard, 2 jalapeno pepper.
Method: Line the bread slices with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. Soak the rucola leaves in cold water to make them crisp. Slice pea cottage cheese and grill it in olive oil with salt and pepper for four minutes. Layer the slices with rucola, cottage cheese, tomato and jalapeno.
By chef Gaurav Singh, ITC Maurya

Jupiter’s day is about power and expansion. Keep yourself calm and cool with a light bite with this fresh green spinach sandwich.

spinach and mushroom bite
Ingredients: Fresh brown bread, spinach, mushroom, cheese slice, black pepper, salt, oregano powder.
Method: Chop the spinach. Stir fry mushrooms for five minutes in olive oil, add chopped spinach in it and stir fry it together. Cover and cook till the water dries out. Add salt, pepper and oregano. Place a cheese slice over the bread and spread spoonfuls of the spinach-mushroom mixture on it. Sprinkle cheese over it. Grill it for five minutes.
By chef Vicky Turkey, D destination restaurant

It’s the day of love and beauty because it’s Venus’ day. Pamper yourself with a luxurious bagel sandwich stuffed with smoked salmon.
salmon in bagel
Ingredients: 1 croissant, 90gm smoked salmon, 4 slices of cheese, 10gm mayonnaise, 10 gm lettuce, a pinch of black pepper and dill.
Method: Blend 20gm of salmon in a blender. Add mayonnaise, pepper and dill. Mix well. This mixture will be used as a spread. Cut croissant lengthwise into two. Toast lightly, apply the spread. Now, line with smoked salmon. Roll the cheese slices and line up the rolls over the salmon. Cover with the croissant.
By chef Sandeep Panwar,
The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

Weekend’s here. Take a break, and complete unfinished chores without being too experimental on Saturn’s day. Go for a simple coleslaw sandwich.

Eggie Veggie Coleslaw
Ingredients: 4 slices of bread, 50gm egg mayonnaise, 2 slices tomatoes, 2 slices cucumber, 4tbsp grated carrot, 4tbsp shredded cabbage, 4tbsp finely chopped capsicum, salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
Method: Mix the carrots, cabbage and capsicum. Add 2tbsp of egg mayonnaise, pepper and salt. Mix well and keep aside. Spread the mixture on the bread slice and top it with cucumber and tomato slices. Now put the second bread on top. Serve cold with cucumber pickle and tomato ketchup.
By chef Dalip Kumar, The Pink Room

It’s the day to relax. Sun’s day is the day of expression and confidence, so take time out for yourself, and munch on a lavish sandwich with loads of garnish.
Open Mafioso Sandwich
Ingredients: 1 garlic or Foccacia bread loaf, cheddar cheese, sliced sausages and chicken salami, few sliced gherkins and bell peppers, French mustard and ketchup.
Method: Slice and roast the bread, spread cheddar cheese on it. Roast the sliced sausages and salamis, and place them on the bread. Now, micro oven the sandwich for a couple of minutes, and garnish with sliced gherkins, bell peppers, and serve with French mustard and ketchup. — By chef Pradeep Kumar, United Coffee House

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