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Don’t make light of this

india Updated: Jul 30, 2008 22:05 IST

George Orwell spoke for many of us adipose-enhanced people when he said, “I'm fat, but I’m thin inside.” Sadly, not everyone is quite as perceptive. Why else would the owner of a London night club turn away a bunch of patrons because they were too fat. Yes, despite all the political correctness around us, it’s fairly open season on those who refuse to join the ranks of the anorexic. Now, woe betide a person who makes a personal remark about race, caste, colour or sexual orientation. But when it comes to fat, people will weigh in against you and fat chance that your protests will be heard sympathetically.

In many companies, the motto now seems to be ‘add an inch, feel the pinch’ as they turn away the more comfortably proportioned in favour of whip-thin candidates. Fat, unfortunately has come to mean lightweight in the intellect and productivity department. Those with a few pounds to spare can do nothing but make light of their predicament. But the discrimination by the nightclub may just be the thin edge of the wedge.

What could be next in line? Being too short, too ugly, having too many freckles? Then the fat would really be in the fire.