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Don’t stand up to it

For all those who think that an insult should not be taken lying down, it’s time to re-think that position.

india Updated: Aug 13, 2009 22:50 IST

We editorial writers are no strangers to insults. Every day we have irate readers writing in demanding to know which lamebrain produces the gems that you read on our page. Does this perturb us? Immensely. So it comes as a great relief to know that a study by a university in Texas has found that people handle insults better if they are lying down. So we’ve decided that we too will take things lying down though this might then require acrobatic skills to churn out our pieces.

This also raises several worries. What if your boss is tearing a strip off you? Do you say, hang on, let me adopt a prone position before you carry on? It might help you take it on the chin better but is also sure to speed up the old pink slip. In India, a breeding ground for insults is the road. Perhaps car manufacturers could come up with seats that automatically recline on feeling the insultee’s anger levels go up. There is nothing in the study that says that even those lying down will forget the insult once they assume an upright position. So, it is possible that your well-aimed barbs might result in your getting crowned at a later date.

Now the study goes into a whole lot of gobbledygook about activities in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and so on. But we suspect that the person flat out on his back is able to manage his anger better because he is either half asleep or had a drop too much to really care. And for those of our trenchant critics, we have a piece of advice. Next time you open the paper and go to this page, do make sure that you are in a horizontal position. You’ll find that you’re less prone to work yourself up into a lather over our less than perfect prose.