Dull no more: Living it up in small towns

  • Paramita Ghosh, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 03, 2015 18:48 IST

Small doesn’t mean dull. Life’s looking up in cities that are not traditionally considered metropolises and its inhabitants have the money to afford a socially active lifestyle.

Ahmedabad’s youth have the highest (Rs 2,624) monthly spend followed by Chandigarh (Rs 2,499); Pune’s youth spends more (Rs 2,301) than Chennai’s (Rs 2,075). Lucknow’s (Rs 1,933) young generation spend more than their counterparts in big-city Bangalore (Rs 1,616) and Kolkata (Rs 1,439).

Mumbai's youth scores, the highest (70.6%) in making unaffordable purchases and the lowest is in Ahmedabad (33.1%). In comparison, last year, Delhi's youth scored 66% in this category, and this year, the percentage is down to 56.3%.

Says Santosh Desai, “They have a certain sense of freedom and enough economic activity to generate a sense of surplus. Easy navigability plus growth in the entertainment and hospitality segments make them boom towns."

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