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?Elixir, poison sides of same coin?

india Updated: Dec 21, 2006 02:05 IST

ELIXIR AND poison are the name of the same entity as the cause of life is also the cause of death, explained Dr V K Tripathi, who is an expert in applied nano-technology, in a prophetic manner.

Speaking exclusively to Hindustan Times he said that the most sought after yet most elusive potion providing immortality and health, leading men over the ages on a never ending quest is there before us like God, but has only to be realised to be found. He stated there were three root causes of death and methods by which longevity can be achieved.

Oxygen holds the key to both life and death. To any educated person pure oxygen (O2) was essential for sustaining life as its intake was essential for maintaining flow of blood making body parts function and to break up the food digested into energy. However, only one molecule of O2 is used in the process of creating food oxides and the other gets released in the blood as ‘free radical’ or ‘free oxygen’. This free radical is the most corrosive agent as it kills blood cells,
necessitating the need for continuous formation.

Medical science has long since recognised this principle and therefore, the invention and widespread use of anti-oxidants. The production of clinical anti-oxidant co-enzyme Q-10 sold at Rs 1.5 lakh per kg fulfills this need scientifically. The body produces anti-oxidants naturally in the liver but its production is effected by increasing age and intake of external

Recent scientific studies have proved that externally taken anti-oxidants are completely ineffective in tackling free oxygen in the blood, furthermore all available pills and medication are extremely expensive.

Only those excreted by the body are effective. Bodily secretion can be stimulated by altering food consumption habits, leaving combination of wheat, rice and sugar immediately after food and consuming 12 kind of vegetables and 13 kinds of fruit known even in all ancient world civilisations to increase this body fluid.

The other cause of death is the encryption contained in every 10,000 billion billion protein molecules present in the human body declaring ‘death is inevitable’. The tip of DNA molecule gets shorter with each division in the process of new formation and death occurs when this tip disappears completely.

The body has responsive machinery and human actions get etched in memory of every DNA containing a ‘brain’ and repetitive action gets timely response. Contrary to popular belief going to gym is more harmful than useful as body fat gets burnt from the fat and the body works to fulfill this deficiency.

Short exercise spells on the other hand use energy from the muscles and this spurt is compensated by the body strengthening the muscles. Notably macular degeneration of muscle in old age hinders active life and causes disease and ultimately death. The third cause of death is improper breathing, which can be corrected through post-pranayam methods.

Efficiency of breathing is generally 20 per cent, pranayam increases it to 40 per cent, death is caused if it reaches 60 per cent and immortality is obtained if it is brought up to 100 per cent.