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Fake IPL player is back

india Updated: Mar 16, 2010 00:53 IST
Nikhil Taneja

The Fake IPL Player had the entire IPL machinery in a tizzy with his saucy and controversial behind-the-scenes revelations of cricketers’ lives on his blog last season.

He is back, this time with his book, The Gamechangers. But he still chooses to remain anonymous, except for the email interview that publishers Harper Collins arranged with much secrecy. “The special effort to ensure my anonymity is tiring,” the fake IPL player tells HT City. “It’s best not to become famous when you’re not ready for it.”

He maintains that none of the players still know who he is. “The number of people who know my identity is still in single digits,’ he says, adding that those who do include his publishers and lawyer.

Has his in-your-face take on players affected anyone’s life. “Actually not,” he says, adding that only cricketers Akash Chopra, Ranadeb Bose and Anureet Singh were under media scrutiny after what he wrote. And what about his famous ‘Appam C**tiya’? “Appam C**tiya is a figment of my imagination,” he says, about the character, famously identified as cricketer Sreesanth. “To his credit, though, he Sreesanth) seems to have taken it in his stride. Some say that he even enjoys it,” he adds.

The man, who amused many, confesses to living in fear himself. “During my blogging days, I lived in morbid fear of being discovered,” he says. “But then, the last few days of the blog were high-adrenaline days. I was working purely on instinct and my logical faculties had taken a backseat,” he adds.

And this season, he promises to “shock and entertain” viewers, but differently. “The concept can take the form of another book, a film, comic strip or TV series. It could be anything,” he says. “The medium shouldn’t dictate the story. It should be the other way round.”

Excerpts from the book, which, the Fake IPL Player insists, “is a work of fiction”

The team-owner’s wife was waiting for the Bombay Bombers... The hysterical multi-billionaire’s wife, who had taken the Bombers’ eviction from IPL rather personally, unleashed the full force of her fury on God when the team arrived... Watching in disbelief were young players who had worshipped God from the time they had first laid eyes on a cricket bat... But nothing would deter the rich, lovely lady from letting everyone know exactly what she thought of God’s knowledge of cricket...

On cricketers being ‘players’ off the cricket field, too.

Sportsmen don’t come from a different planet. The difference is that they get opportunities that regular people don’t... But players like Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid and Kumble have always reserved their best performance for the field.