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Fatwa against contraceptives

india Updated: Dec 30, 2006 13:03 IST

IN RESPONSE to opinion sought on the use of contraceptives and porcine substances,  Darul Ifta here issued two fatwas. One says that contraceptives should not be used unless it is ‘extremely necessary’ and the other says that use of porcine substances was forbidden for Muslims.

The first fatwa, however, added if there was a ‘just requirement’, the person could present his case before a religious scholar of repute and seek opinion (on use of contraceptives).

The fatwa also says that abortion is ‘haraam’ (forbidden) as per the Shariat (Islamic law). The Darul Ifta functions under the Masajid Committee of Bhopal.

The fatwas have been signed by Additional Mufti Shahar Babar Husain and Mufti Shahar Raees Ahmed Khan. Muslim Tehwar Committee’s Ausaf Shahmiri Khurram had sought the opinion.

Khurram said  he wanted to know the religious position in view of the advertisements of contraceptives that are shown on television.

“People interpret the concept of family planning in a wrong way and owing to the illegal practice of sex determination, the sex ratio has gone against women,” said Khurram. “This will lead to chaos in society and I asked for a fatwas on this issue in order to make people aware,” he added.

The other fatwa said that since the pig was an ‘impure’ animal, using any product containing its flesh, hair, skin or fat was haraam (forbidden) for Muslims.

The duo, however, added that the ruling would apply only if were definitively proved that a particular product contained some material derived from a pig’s body.

Responding to Khurram’s   query on Islam’s stand   on the use of contraceptives for family planning purposes, the clerics  declared that “willfully preventing a woman from getting pregnant is like playing with the nature’s law, and, hence, against the Shariat”