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Feng shui for home office

india Updated: Apr 21, 2012 02:38 IST
Ritu Kapoor

If you work from home and have been facing troubles in your profession, a little help from feng shui can help ward off negativities, and usher in stability in your work life. Home office differs from study rooms, as there is more yang within the space because of excessive contact with the outside world. Hence, home offices are best placed close to the entrance so that work does not disturb your house and visitors do not have to walk through your living space.

OfficeThe right office position

The south-west is not favourable for office locations as the energy levels fall in this direction. Take good care of the north section of your home office as it will give you better advantages. Any sort of ‘poison arrow’ — sharp corners that point at you — in the area should be deflected or hidden using mirrors or screens. Placing hollow metal wind chimes or a metal object will be beneficial. Do not use the north section to display plants as they drain the energy.

Positioning the desk

Desk location is generally the same as for the study room, but if there is a secretary or another person working in the home office, the desks should not face each other. The secretary should sit nearer to the door. Both desks should have the support of a wall behind and have supportive chairs that follow the favourable four animal’s formation. When visiting clients are received in the office, the owner’s chair should always be backed by the wall facing the door and the clients should be seated in the subordinate position in a smaller chair, with their back to the door.

Having sorted out the best location for the furniture, focus on the contents of the desk, either using compass directions or symbolically. Take care that any measure taken is not in conflict with the element of the area. Task lighting should always be diagonally opposite the writing hand to prevent shadows.

The Bagua map and the desk
You could use the Bagua map to arrange your desk according to the feng shui principle.
1. Your desk represents your career on the start of the day and should be kept clean to open up possibilities for the day ahead.
2. The ‘relationship area’ marked on the Bagua map is suitable for brochures and details of people with whom you will come into contact in the course of your present projects.
3. A plant in the ‘elder areas’ will help freshen up the air. It also symbolises longevity and stability.
4. Accounts and paying books should be placed here in the ‘wealth area’, but not cheque books, which represent money going out.
5. Use the central area of the desk for the task in hand and then clear it away.
6. The ‘helpful people’ area is the place for the telephone and address book.
7. ‘Knowledge and wisdom’ area of the desk is the place to store reference books.
8. A crystal paperweight in the ‘fame area’ will denote the boundary of your desk, and of the current project.
9. A landscape hung on the wall in front will represent future possibilities.

By Ritu Kapoor, feng shui expert