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Fit in with fanatics

india Updated: Jun 29, 2012 16:46 IST
Serena Menon

Mumbai transformed the night India won the World Cup last year. I remember taking a local train to Marine Drive at around 1 am to join the celebrations. The trains were packed with people who, for a change, were more interested in India’s win than they were in shoving each other. Marine Drive was a carnival. There wasn’t a spot that wasn’t occupied by revelers lighting ‘you know what’, opening beer bottles, making party packs and blaring music from their car speakers.

That’s probably the safest everyone has ever felt in a mob. No one cared. Something very important was on their minds — cricket. And there truly are no better
celebrations that those that follow a big win.

A similar wave is flooding certain sections of Mumbai right now with the upcoming Euro Cup 2012 final. Employers are secretly prepared to see a lot of people coming in late on Monday.

There is little you can do if you find yourself at a party organised for that Sunday night match. Though if you aren’t a football fan, and you do find yourself at that do, then there are certain things you might want to refrain from saying, lest you become the party pooper. Ladies, this isn’t aimed at anyone.

* Did Spain win the World Cup?
(The party will go silent for a minute, and then you’ll be stared at. FYI, they did.)

* They only scored two goals?
(Yes they did, and that’s a lot, because every game doesn’t have a pitch, a bowler and a wicket.)

* Isn’t handball a different game altogether?
(Not when it’s mentioned on a football field!)

* You take this game way too seriously!
(There’s no such thing. Like there’s no such thing as too much cheese. Or beer. Or football cheer.)

* The beer’s over
(If you’re the person who finds out, then make some calls, sell your sofa, get more beer! Just don’t say there isn’t any!)

Cheer when the team you support scores a goal and keep that spot on your couch if you feel it’s working in Spain’s favour!