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Flavours of freedom

Soak yourself in the colours of independence day as three top chefs bring you recipes that celebrate the vibrant colours of patriotism — orange, white and green.

india Updated: Aug 15, 2009 12:46 IST

On independence day, three top chefs bring you recipes that celebrate the vibrant colours of patriotism — orange, white and green.

Tricolour mousse
125 gms fresh milk
300 gms white
10 gms gelatin
300 gms bakery cream
2 eggs (white & yolk)
50 gms orange crush
50 gms kiwi crush

1. Put white chocolate and milk in a saucepan and place over double boiler, or place a mixing bowl in a saucepan of simmering water, stirring constantly till smooth.
2. Melt gelatin in water and put in a microwave for ten seconds.
3. Beat the bakery cream until stiff peaks form.
4. Beat egg whites in another container till consistency.
5. In a big bowl, add egg yolk to the chocolate and milk mixture and hand beat it for two minutes.
6. Add melted gelatin into it and beat it again for a minute.
7. Now add the bakery cream into the mixture with a soft hand and add the beaten egg white.
8. Add kiwi and orange crush
separately to get the flavour and colour.
9. One by one, set the mousse in layers according to colour in a glass and keep in the freezer for an hour before serving.
— Chef Manav Sharma, Ignis

Potato Shashlik
For potato balls
1 cup potatoes, boiled and mashed
½ tsp red chilli powder
¼ tsp bhuna jeera powder
½ tsp salt
½ tsp chaat masala
1 cup fresh bread crumbs
For shaslik
1 green capsicum - cut into ½" triangle
1 firm small tomato — cut into 4 pieces and deseed, cut each piece into 2 pieces
A few bamboo skewers or toothpicks
For sauce
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp soya sauce
1 tsp vinegar
2-3 tbsp tomato ketchup
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp crushed black pepper

1. For potato balls, take a bowl and mix all the ingredients listed for it.
2. Make small marble sized balls of this mixture. Deep fry till golden brown. Drain on paper. Keep aside.
3. For the sauce, mix soya sauce, tomato ketchup, salt, black pepper and vinegar in a bowl and keep aside.
4. Heat oil in a pan. Reduce heat and add chopped garlic and cook for a few seconds. Add all the ingredients
collected in the bowl. Cook for a few seconds.
5. Add capsicum and tomatoes and cook for 1 minute on low flame. Remove from fire.
6. Add the fried potato balls in the sauce. Mix lightly.
7. On a wooden skewer, first thread a piece of capsicum, then a potato ball and finally a piece of tomato. Serve.
— Nita Mehta, cookbook author

Tiranga cake
300 gm refined flour
300 gm sugar
10 eggs
8 gm baking powder
22 gm cake gel
200 ml water
800 gm rich cream
Orange and green colour

1. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl in the serial order mentioned, except cream.
2. Divide the mixture into 3 parts. In one part, add 3 drops of orange colour and in the second, 3 drops of green colour. Leave the third part as it is.
3. Pour the three mixtures into different trays and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
4. Whip rich cream while the mixtures are in the oven
5. Remove trays from the oven and allow them to cool. Place the green cake onto a cake tray, sprinkle lightly with sugar syrup and add some chopped fruits. Then apply the layer of rich cream and level it. Put the colourless base on top of this, and repeat the steps. Lastly, top with the orange coloured cake.
6. Cover with cream (coloured orange) and
decorate with chopped fruits and nuts.

— Chef Dilip Johri, Tivoli Garden Hotel