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Flood funds not enough

india Updated: Sep 25, 2008 22:25 IST

Flood funds not enough

After river Kosi created a havoc in Bihar, now it’s the turn of Mahanadi to disrupt life in Orissa. Just declaring the Orissa floods as a national calamity is not going to solve the problem. The state government must know what to do with the funds that come in the wake of the floods. Also, the opposition parties should cooperate with the government. The state and central agencies must ensure that food, shelter and medical facilities are made available aplenty to the people of the places affected by the floods.

Shailesh Kumar, Bangalore

Fernandes’ comment shocking
I agree with the editorial An emergency, but they won’t show up (Our Take, September 24) that appropriate action taken by Noida police could have saved a precious life. I am sure due notice shall be taken of the incident and strict action would be taken for dereliction of duty by the SHO. I was also shocked to read that Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes has said that the tragic incident should serve as a warning to managements. The minister needs to be reprimanded for this foolish statement.
DB Singh, Chandigarh

The brutal killing of LK Chaudhary, by the dismissed workers was a tragedy of the highest order. But the response of Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes crossed all limits of decency. Fernandes even asked the management to be sympathetic in dealing with labourers. Was it the voice of an irresponsible union leader or a responsible Union minister?
CNN Nair, Mumbai

Divided by faith
Apropos of the report Delhi ignored, more attacks on churches (September 22), religion has caused terrible division in our society. In the name of religion innocent people are killed, places of worship are damaged and hatred is generated. The nation looks like a divided house.
HS Vickson, Meerut

Wrestling for money
The report Loader by day, arm-wrestler by night (September 23) must be applauded. It is ironic that we can spend crores on endorsements but cannot spare two lakh rupees for a three-time national champion so that he can pursue his dream and bring glory to the nation. Still, the conviction demonstrated by Snibu S Ravi is inspiring.
Amita Bahl, Delhi

US crisis might hit India
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta in Looking through money (September 23) has correctly analysed the carnage in the US economy. The US is facing a major financial crisis. Recession seems imminent and its reputation as the biggest economy in the world is in tatters. Hope the US will tide over this financial crisis, otherwise the domino effect may lead to serious consequences in the developing economies.
Anupam Basu, Delhi

Anupam Basu, Delhi
Pakistan must act, now The bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad is aimed at challenging Pakistan and the US against any offensive on terrorist outfits. Pakistan must take the strongest steps possible to eliminate terror and must spare no efforts in breaking its backbone. It should also take the help of the US in this task.
KV Seetharamaiah, Hassan