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india Updated: Mar 31, 2009 23:08 IST
Rajiv Arora
Rajiv Arora
Hindustan Times

Whatever be the origins of All Fools Day, the implications for those unfortunate souls whose birthday falls on April 1 can be nothing less than disastrous. Being born today is akin to walking about without realising that your zipper’s undone. For people will always remember you not for who you are but for the tag that you carry for being born on this day.

While it may be Nature’s way of ensuring that the birthday boy or girl never suffers from people forgetting his or her birthday, it’s also embarrassing for everyone to remember it. But for those who really have to ‘suffer’ the plight of blowing out candles on the cake amid shouts of ‘Happy birthday fool!’, it is also interesting how Nature helps them turn the tables for the remaining 364 days of the year.

These Foolers enjoy their moments of fooling around when somebody asks them the for their birth date. When revealed, the questioner wonders whether the answer’s true or not. Demands of presenting an I-card or requests to swear on one’s family name (big incentive to be truthful, that!) soon follow.

So while it is one thing to fool somebody on this illustrious day and quite another to get fooled, those laughing their hearts out today, wishing the Foolers ‘happy returns’ for something that the latter did not actually have any control over, remember the time when you — in disbelief that a person can actually be born on a day ‘celebrated’ by people across the world — asked for a proof to confirm your sanity.