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Foot fetish killing sex life

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:50 IST
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Foot fetish killing sex life

I have a fetish for women in high-heeled shoes and I even indulge in self-pleasure thinking about them. But during intercourse, it's proving real hard to have an erection. Dreaming of a woman's body parts do not help in producing erection. So I have been really unsuccessful in achieving an orgasm. Only when I fantasize of a woman's foot, do I ejaculate. Please tell me how to stop this fetish thing?


How to know more about sex?

I am about to get married soon. While talking to my would-be, I realized that she knows nothing about sex/intercourse. But I love her and I like her understanding nature. She wants me to tell her about actual sex during the first night and that she would not go to any doctor. Though I know about sex, for me also, this is the first time. I do not have any actual experience. So I do not know how exactly should I handle this situation? How should I go about it? Please guide me.

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How to enjoy unsafe sex?

I have been married for three years now and we have a pretty healthy sex life. Till today, we did not plan a child and so we had safe sex. But now that we are planning a family and I have stopped using condoms. My problem is that when I used to have sex with her with a condom on, I used to last for about 7-10 minutes but without a condom I last only for 3-5 minutes. I am afraid this may leave her unsatisfied. What could I do to last longer without condoms?

Rock Star

Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Just stop worrying and timing yourself.


Unsatisfactory marital life

My sexual life is not going too well. I don't get proper erection and this is leading to a mental block and unhappiness in my marital life. Can you please suggest remedies and any doctor that I should consult for all this? I have been married for last 13 months and my wife is not happy due to this problem. Kindly help.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
You should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and management of erectile deficiency. It is not an uncommon problem and needs attention of a sex specialist doctor like an urologist or a psychiatrist for its management.