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For a few pegs more

It is correct that Paris Hilton has chosen the drinking habits of pachyderms in a ‘developing country’ for her first foray into the world of celeb-cause tie-ups, writes Archana Jain.

india Updated: Dec 13, 2007 00:51 IST

Recently, a report in the Hindustan Times said that Paris Hilton is worried about the deaths of wild elephants in North-eastern India due to consumption of homemade rice beer.

According to the story, farmers brew rice alcohol and when elephants manage to drink it, they go on a rampage, sometimes uprooting everything that comes in their path, including electric poles. As a result, they get electrocuted and are killed. It is kind of the hotel heiress to be concerned about the plight of the pachyderms. But why, of all the problems prevailing in the world, did she get jolted by this? If she is keeping track of issues, then those like farmers’ suicides in India could not have gone unnoticed. Then why this, you wonder? And then, it comes to you. Who else, but her? And what else, but this? Only she, who has been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, can understand the trauma and how difficult it is to find the way home.

Surely, she must have thought, “Those poor Indian elephants are such huge creatures; it must be just so difficult for them to carry themselves around in a sober fashion after the drinking binge. I know. I have lived that life. I will do something for them.”

So, it is correct that the lady has chosen the drinking habits of pachyderms in a ‘developing country’ for her first foray into the world of celeb-cause tie-ups. As the report says, she is “apparently trying to highlight the cause of binge-drinking elephants in North-east India”. Maybe, she is just cutting her teeth into this one, before going on to worthier causes.

Or maybe, it is not about the elephants, their drinking, their tragedy. It is about the elephants and her. Hilton is concerned that these huge creatures will go on drinking binges. Now, if those giants go on binges, what will be left for her? In fact, in a report posted on a website, Hilton says, “the elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them.” What she meant, I am sure, is this: the planet is running out of water. and, now drinks too?