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For God?s sake, no gender bias please

Vir Sanghvi?s ?Keeping the Faith, losing our Religion? (Counterpoint, July 2) was an eye-opener.

india Updated: Jul 08, 2006 23:59 IST

For God’s sake, no gender bias please

Vir Sanghvi’s ‘Keeping the Faith, losing our Religion’ (Counterpoint, July 2) was an eye-opener. Indians prize their secularism and extol religious virtues but we need to realise that amendments are necessary and rationality should not take a backseat in defence of religious sentiments.

Shalini Sharan, Jamshedpur


Vir Sanghvi has exposed the hypocrisy perpetrated by the religious caretakers on their followers the world over. Religion is treated as holy cow by society and anyone questioning the religious bias is quickly condemned an outcaste. Any religion that preaches gender discrimination can never be good for humanity.

Rajiv Bhalla, Chandigarh


I am very pleased that at least one Indian writer had the guts to call a spade a spade. Let people remember that a menstruating woman alone has the power of creation — the greatest act of nature. It is really disgusting to see how women are belittled and abused in the name of religion one way or the other.

KSV Lakshmi, on email

Media musings

This is with reference to Anand Patwardhan’s  ‘Tearing down the Velvet Curtain’ (Guest column, July 2). Gone are the days when most of the media was a government monopoly and the remaining others kowtowed to the ruling party at the Centre. Except in government-controlled media, nowadays there is comprehensive and unbiased reporting in which public interest is kept in mind.

Govind Singh Bisht, Delhi

To the manners born

Karan Thapar's Do Manners Matter (Sunday Sentiments, July 2) made me wonder: Do men hold a door open for a woman because it makes a difference in her life or because the man feels gallant?

Anurag Chatrath, New Delhi