For the urban youth, it’s coffee for all reasons

  • Paramita Ghosh, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 03, 2015 18:48 IST

India's youth loves coffee and likes spending time in coffee shops for varied reasons. “Cute boys go to coffee shops, and perhaps they come to coffee shops for the same reason,” says Ishita, a student from Mumbai.

The average amount spent on coffee and fast food has increased from Rs 208 per month in 2013 to Rs 258 in 2014. A 2011 report by the New Delhi-based research and consultancy firm Technopak Advisors revealed that there are more than 1,500 cafés in India. Young people in most Indian cities are coffee drinkers.

On average, young people in Bangalore and Pune visited coffee shops 4.1 times in the past month. They are followed by Cochin (3.4) and Mumbai (2.8). Delhi's young have visited a cafe with a friend of opposite sex the most.

For girls, a coffee shop is where they catch up with their female friends (30% as compared to 26 % for males) and with the opposite sex (42% as compared to 36%) of their time.

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