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Fortune in a cup

Drinking coffee — ground coffee — has never been so much fun. Nor do you often come across people who read your future by looking at your last sip, writes Ruchira Hoon.

india Updated: Jul 10, 2009 23:33 IST
Ruchira Hoon

I really don’t like coffee. Cold and frothy is the only way I can handle it. But hot, hot makes me ill the whole day. So the thought of drinking steaming, nearly espresso-like Turkish coffee for the reading gave me quite the chills.

But, being fascinated by the occult, I just needed to have my future told. Especially by an Armenian coffee cup reader who, it seemed, had the gift of knowing what lay ahead. And within five minutes of meeting her, I knew Herachik Shahoomian was good. She told me that she had learnt most of what she knew from her mother. “Coffee cup reading isn’t like reading tarot cards, it’s something that comes from within. It’s a special gift,” said Herachik. “But I watched my mother back in Armenia to hone my skills.” And after predicting the future, ever so rightly for her friends she’d decided to turn pro — or at least become more approachable to anyone who’d like their fortune told.

Of course I was one of them. But first, I’d have to drink the coffee. Swirly, strong homemade Turkish coffee served in beautiful Turkish cups was passed around. As I sipped it slowly (it wasn’t so bad), all I had to do was make sure that I left a few dregs behind.

“I’m going to upturn the cup on to the saucer and wait for two minutes for all the grounds to dry up,” said Herachik. “It must not change designs.” And so we waited.

Turned out the grounds in my coffee cup were shaped like a horse — a galloping horse which was bringing me good luck and good news from a lover. And more than telling me the future, she deconstructed my character for a bit. The fascinating thing about coffee cup reading is that your future changes everyday.

Someday you could be a balloon where your troubles seem short-lived, other days you could be a fairy, all flirty and indiscriminate. You could also be a worm, holding out for a scandal or at best a shoe, waiting for change to beckon you. As for me, I spent a rather sleepless night. No the lover hadn't scared me away, it was the really the coffee.