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Forward without fear or favour

The debate over the Indo-US nuclear deal has become a choice between true statesmanship and a myopic political worldview.

india Updated: Jun 30, 2008 02:49 IST

The debate over the Indo-US nuclear deal has become a choice between true statesmanship and a myopic political worldview. Statesmanship would decree that our government goes ahead with the deal, never mind the electoral consequences, while petty political discourse would advise the government to stick to power over everything else. Our Prime Minister should remember that politicians turn into statesmen when they make fearless decisions in turbulent times.

Mohd Salman, Delhi

An ugly situation could get uglier

The protests in the Kashmir Valley over the land transfer to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board is alarming and must be dealt with cautiously. Lately, a pro-democratic feeling had seeped into the heart of the common Kashmiri. But that has now been shattered. If the confidence is not restored immediately, it may give separatist and militant movements a shot in the arm. Moreover, the communal forces in the Valley must be restrained from giving the situation an uglier twist. Why didn’t the government erect structures of its own rather than transferring land to the trust?

Irfan Mir, Delhi

Waste not, want not

The prices of petroleum products and essential commodities have skyrocketed in recent months and have become unaffordable even for the middle-class. Instead of knee-jerk measures it is essential that the government takes bold and long-term steps like population control, curtailing wasteful expenditure, prescribing energy and water efficiency standards for manufacturing products and factories, mandating green buildings in cities and developing alternative energy sources like solar, wind and hydrogen. Such measures will let us be far more prepared to handle the uncertainty over crude prices.

RP Rammohan, Hyderabad

Leave the Left in the lurch

The Indo-US nuclear deal has become a political issue. The Left leaders have been threatening the UPA government on grounds of policy. But it seems that in reality it’s a blackmailing tactic of the Left. The Prime Minister is sandwiched between the Left and Sonia Gandhi. In the process, issues of real importance are getting sidelined. Saying that, one must concede that the nuclear deal is also in national interest. It needs to be pursued at all cost.

AL Agarwal, Delhi

Let’s go the whole blog

Your Comment page has given a new paddle to the blogging community with columns dedicated to the blogosphere, like that of Jhoomur Bose. The column is meritorious. Blogging is a popular activity. People are blogging for information, comment, views and criticism. Bose’s column helps the reader to choose.

Neha Bhatia, Faridabad

On the face of it, a photo finish

For the last few weeks, newspapers have been publishing scenes from the ongoing admission process at various Delhi University colleges. But all the photos are of girl students. Boys are nowhere to be seen, except may be faraway in the background. Girls are more photogenic no doubt, but this monopoly over the pictures is giving the admission reports, an almost artificial, photo-op quality. But aren’t admissions to colleges about many more things than just pretty faces?

D Bhattacharya, Delhi