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Fruit yogurt to keep diabetes at bay

india Updated: Jun 25, 2010 07:35 IST
Anuraag Singh/HTC
Anuraag Singh/HTC
Hindustan Times
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Fruit Yogurt everyday can keep diabetes and heart ailment at bay!

A study by young researcher Prabhat Ranjan Patel at BHU has revealed that Yogurt prepared from three fruit juice and milk, lowers down blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in body and could thus be helpful in preventing heart ailments, diabetes and strokes.

Forming part of Patel's doctoral research at Department Dairying and Animal Husbandry, Institute of Agriculture Sciences (IAS-BHU) under the supervision of Prof Jai Singh, the study's finding have been published in Vegetable Sciences (journal of Indian Society of Vegetable Sciences) and International Journal of Dairy Technology published from Singapore.

During the study yogurt prepared from three different fruit juices (Carrot, Orange and Pomegranate) was administered along with staple feed to white rats (Albino Rats) for 35 days and the examination of the rats on various parameters gave startling results.

The three groups were fed with staple feed plus 10 pc of carrot, pomegranate and orange yogurt respectively, while the control group rats were fed only on staple feed.

Apprising the findings to HT on Wednesday, Patel whose research thesis has been submitted recently said administration of fruit yogurt in the three groups of rats (those fed on carrot, pomegranate and orange) revealed that while they gained in body weight and growth, the amount of feed intake decreased significantly in all three groups, when compared to the controlled group (where the rats were fed only with staple feed).

Analysis of all vital organs, including lungs, heart, kidney, spleen and liver established that administration of the three categories of fruit yogurt to rats with staple feed had no adverse impact on their health.

Strikingly, the three categories of fruit yogurt significantly lowered the levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and triglyceride in human body (all three prime risk factors for heart ailment, diabetes and strokes).

Said Patel, "it's perhaps due to the combination of natural lactic acid present in the milk and the vital nutrients present in the three fruits, which has reduced levels of three prime risk factors of major lifestyle diseases confronting commoners presently."

The study on rats suggests that if the humans too consume the three fruit yogurt or even cleanest of curd made from the three fruits and quality milk, it could help in controlling the prime risk factors of diabetes, heart ailment and strokes, Patel added.

Added Prof Jai Singh, the supervisor of the entire study-cum doctoral research, "this is a vital study, whose results particularly have shown that among the three fruit yogurt categories the best results are given by Orange Yogurt, where not only the body weight/growth has been maximum and feed reduced most remarkably, but also the blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in body too have reduced most significantly compared to other two fruit yogurt categories."

Detailing about the process of making fruit yogurt, Patel said the cow milk was standardized for four pc fat and 14 pc solid not fat (SNF) by adding skim milk powder, sago powder and cream, after which fruit carrot, orange and pomegranate fruit juices were added in zero, two and five percent (best being two percent), followed by pasteurization for five minutes, cooling, inoculation with 3:1 ration of two bacteria S thermophilus and L bulgaricus, ensued by incubation and transferring in refrigerator and proper storage for judging and grading the quality of three categories of the fruit yogurt.