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Fun beer cocktails

india Updated: Jun 14, 2013 00:55 IST

Throw in a dash of mint, some tomato juice or just plain lemonade to stir up your own beer cocktails at home. We help you with some simple recipes

Swiss Shandy


80ml cranberry juice

80ml lemonade

60ml beer

330ml Triple Sec

30ml ginger ale

Beer1 glass full of ice


Mix all the ingredients and pour them over the tall glass filled with ice cubes.

By Viju Raj, beverage consultant at Warehouse Cafes

Bloody Brew
90ml tomato juice
10ml lime juice
2/3 drops Tabasco sauce
2/3 drop Worcestershire sauce
Salt to taste
A pinch of black pepper
A pint of any beer of your choice
Take a shaker and add all the ingredients with ice, except the beer. Shake and pour in the hurricane glass, and top up with chilled beer. Garnish with a lemon slice.
By Irfan Darr, bartender, Shiro, Hotel Samrat

Beer Chapman
1/2 glass wheat beer
1/2 glass vodka
5ml grenadine syrup
4-6 orange chunks with zest
Few ice cubes
30ml vodka
An orange slice for garnish
Put ice cubes in a glass, and place the orange chunks on them. Pour wheat beer into it and add grenadine syrup. Finish by pouring vodka on top and garnish with an orange slice.
By Love Kumar, bartender at 7 Degrees Brauhaus

Beer Margarita

5ml Tabasco sauce
5ml lemon juice
5ml Worcestershire sauce
A pinch of salt
A pint of pale lager beer
Pour the crushed ice in a beer mug. In a shaker, mix all the ingredients well, except the beer and pour over the crushed ice in the mug. Now, add a pint of the lager beer. Let the froth remain on the top of the mug as you serve.
By Satish Kumar, bar captain at The Pink Room


330 ml beer
30ml vodka
30ml lemonade
Add the ingredients in a pilsner glass and garnish with a lemon peel.
By Rohit Sharma, assistant manager, Nero, Le Meridien

Glen Lager

45ml single malt whisky
10ml Monin Mint (Green mint syrup)
1 dash Angostura Bitter
330ml Lager
Build in a pilsner glass the whisky, the green mint syrup and Angostura Bitter. Top with lager, and garnish with a mint sprig.
By Shankar, bartender at Hard Rock Cafe

Fruity Beer Float

1 bottle strawberry beer
15ml vodka
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a long beer glass. Pour the vodka and top up with the beer. Now add another scoop of ice cream on top, and serve with a parfait spoon.
By Sherine John, bar manager at Shroom