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Fund of information

india Updated: Oct 27, 2009 22:02 IST

If one of us had said that India is funding the Taliban, the men in the white coats would be at the door. But when Pakistan’s Interior minister Rehman Malik says so and claims to have full details, we must take him seriously.

But just to be on sure ground, we would like to know if Mr Malik is also prone to seeing little green men in his backyard on moonless nights. But, we jest. Mr Malik must know what he is talking about. We owe him a debt of gratitude for coming up with this idea and crediting us with it.

We can now develop on the Pakistan minister’s thesis. The answer to all our problems was staring us in the face, all we need to do is fund the Taliban who, in sheer gratitude, will needle Pakistan while keeping their hand in by conducting a few well-aimed terror operations on Indian soil. But, and we are really warming to this now, one fine day the Taliban may decide to bite the hand that feeds it. By then, we will not be resting on our oars. We’ll have propped up the Taliban Mark II to counter the originals and so on until we can’t tell the MacMahon Line from the Radcliffe Line. In the bedlam and confusion, no one will know whom they are meant to kill.

Mr Malik deserves at the very least a bargain basement Nobel for his novel idea. Here is one man who knows what’s good for the region. Instead of jumping down his throat, we ought to encourage him to come up more innovative ideas like this one. Then we won’t need the Americans to solve our problems, we will have our own homegrown solutions at the ready.