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Games to watch out for

india Updated: Apr 14, 2009 18:09 IST

Grand Theft Auto III put the free roaming genre (no linear gameplay) into the limelight and Saint’s Row 2 showed us that you don’t have to go the ultra-realistic way to have fun. Here are a few interesting free roaming games lined up for this year.

Alan Wake (Xbox360 PC)
What’s it about: Players are put in the boots of a writer called Alan Wake who’s desperately trying to overcome his writer’s block in the idyllic yet spooky town of Bright Falls. Over there he not only loses his wife but has to confront his inner demons that may or may not be real.

Why it’s gonna rock: For one, it is made by the same people behind the Max Payne series. Even though the developers have made it clear that this is not going to be your run of the mill action game, we’re really excited about the prospect of a free-roaming survival horror action adventure that boasts of realistic visuals.

Red Faction: Guerilla (Xbox360 PS3 PC)
What’s it about: You’ll liberating Mars from the Earth Defense Force (EDF), the same organisation that was your ally in Red Faction 1 and 2.

Why it’s gonna rock: Many games promise wanton destruction but Red Faction Guerilla looks like it’ll actually live up to the promise. From some of the gameplay videos we’ve seen, players will be able to take structures apart brick by brick, if they feel like. Combine the game’s free roaming style to this destructive gameplay and you have the recipe for what could be the best game ever made.

The Godfather II (Xbox360 PS3 PC)
What’s it about: You’re the latest recruit in the Corleone family, who has to expand the business across New York, Miami and Havana. Your team is skilled in every sort of illegal activity.

Why it’s gonna rock: Not only do we have a brand new hand-to-hand combat system and brutal finishers but we also get a bird’s eye view into the business. Called Don’s View, you can manage your business in an RTS-esque point of view. Multiplayer options in a single player game gives you a heavyweight like GTA and Saint’s Row in your hands.

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360 PS3 PC)
What’s it about: Set in the lawless wild wild West, Redemption is the sequel to Rockstar’s mediocre Red Dead Revolver. Players are put in the wild spurs of John Marston, a reformed outlaw who’s just trying to survive these badlands during the turn of the 20th Century.

Why it’s gonna rock: For starters, the game will be made using Rockstar’s RAGE engine that also fuels GTA IV, Midnight Club LA and the upcoming Max Payne 3. Details are a bit scarce at the moment, but exploring the barren yet well-detailed West seems interesting.

Mafia II (Xbox360 PS3 PC)
What’s it about: In Mafia II you’ll step into the boots of Vito Scaletta, a Sicilian immigrant who returns to America after a stint with the Army only to become a ‘Made Man’ — an official Mafia inductee.

Why it’s gonna rock: Mafia I was well known for its plot and stellar voice acting, so we’re expecting better from the sequel. The game will offer a bunch of activities like buying and selling property, working out at the gym, learning new moves, and upgrading vehicles.