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Gender card

india Updated: Aug 02, 2007 01:51 IST
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I agree with Pankaj Vohra’s article Gender’s worked for Bedi (July 30) that Kiran Bedi is a creation of media hype and has always misused her position for her self-centred interests and image-building. She comes across as a vain person who puts herself above the service and the people she is supposed to serve. Action should be taken against her unacceptable ways which she has tried to deflect attention from using the gender card.

Rama Vedashree
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It is believed that Kiran Bedi is an honest and upright police officer who is finding it difficult to adjust in a secretive system. If you insist on the supremacy of the system, then let me say that the same system should have prevented Kiran Bedi’s wrong-doings highlighted in the article.

Ganesan Murthy
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Pankaj Vohra’s article was an eye-opener. Kiran Bedi should be ashamed of herself for putting on such a show. Till now I thought she could be a role model for all Indian women. Not anymore.

GN Seetharam

Equal in law

The judgment pronounced on Sanjay Dutt by the Tada court has broken the hearts of millions in India. The case against Sanjay had built up a sympathy wave and most people were expecting him to be let off with a minor sentence. But the law does not differentiate between rich and poor, high or low. The judgment has proved that the judiciary in India is working in the best traditions of justice insulated from any kind of external influences. Those who were raising doubts that Sanjay will go scot-free because of his influential position should re-establish their faith in the Indian judicial system.

OP Tandon
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