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Get rid of dog odour at home

Here's how to keep the dog odour away at home.

india Updated: Feb 08, 2011 01:11 IST

Here's how to keep the dog odour away at home:

1 Regular bath: Bathing your dog regularly is the simplest way to keep odour at bay. Bathe your dog every 4 to 6 weeks with a gentle shampoo and warm water. Bathe large dogs in a bathtub, and bathe small dogs in a tub or sink.

2 Grooming matters: Groom your dog regularly. Some breeds may even require fur clipping. If you allow fur to grow out of control, it will increase the amount of odour as the dog sheds throughout your home and retains moisture. Brush your dog every day.

3 Carpet cleaning: Sprinkle baking soda along your carpet and upholstery, allow it to remain for 15 minutes, and vacuum clean. Use a thin hose extension when vacuuming upholstery. Baking soda absorbs odours, and therefore can prove effective in removing any unpleasant smell left that your dog leaves behind.

4 Ventilate well: Open your windows and turn on fans to draw stray fur, skin particles, and moisture outdoors. Situate fans in areas where your dog spends the most time.

5 Cologne job: Apply a canine cologne to your dog's fur to keep your dog smelling fresh.
(With inputs from eHow)