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Getting it all write

Are you gripped by anxiety and negative thoughts? Well, help is at hand.Confront the person you are angry with. It's better than writing down your negative thoughts and throwing them away.

india Updated: Dec 02, 2012 22:41 IST

Are you gripped by anxiety and negative thoughts? Well, help is at hand. You don't have to go to a psychiatrist and fork out big shekels. According to a psychology professor from Ohio State University, every time you feel like throttling your boss or spouse or the office snitch, you just need to write down all your feelings, then crumple the paper and throw it in the trash can. Of course, there are several pitfalls to this dustbin therapy.

Let us say that you are working for a painful boss. You go home fuming at his insensitivity, his trying to get you to work your fingers to the bone, his refusal to give you leave. You race home and pour out all the vitriol you feel onto paper and duly fling it away. You go to work the next day with a spring in your step. And behold, like the appointment in Samarra, the same git is waiting to make your life a misery again. So, this will now involve the daily writing of your negative thoughts which probably means that you will not be able to fulfil your other tasks. It could be worse. It could be your spouse who is throwing you off balance with his or her messy habits, embarrassing public behaviour, fault-finding, laziness and so on. You are living with this person. So while you are furiously writing away, chances are that the person in question might see your prose thereby escalating tensions. And since you are in close proximity with this person, your need to write will be heightened. This could mean piles of unwashed dishes, inability to take the dog out for a walk and having to eat packaged dinners since your time is taken up with penning your thoughts. Then, of course, there is the question of wasting so much paper and you'd be lucky if the local green chapter is not upon you for this. So, we have a better idea.

Every time you have negative thoughts, just confront the person causing it and let him or her have it. Of course, you'd probably lose your job or end up with a divorce. But, it sure beats having to sit down and write copious quantities of prose just to throw it all away.