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God lives deep in our hearts

Go by your instincts says director Madhur Bhandarkar.

india Updated: Oct 25, 2009 00:25 IST

What’s your idea of God?
God is celestial, he is the one with whom you can share anything and everything. God is one, we just know him by different names.

Do you feel that something/ someone keeps you protected?
God protects us from every ill. He warns us time to time and shelters us. Earlier I used to panic when things didn’t work out and that made my work even more difficult. As days passed, I felt that there is someone looking after me and if my work is held up, it’s for the best.

How do you make your spiritual connection work at work and in life?
When I’m stuck with my scenes, unable to use my creativity or when everything gets stagnant, spirituality helps a lot. In such situations I take a break and listen to bhajans on my cell. Now I wake up to a shlokas every morning. My wife Renu is very spiritual, she makes us pray and start our day in front of a small temple at home.

Do you have a special God moment?
I’d like to share my recent experience while shooting for Jail, in Karjat’s heat, in May. I had to complete the entire schedule in 45 days. We all used to get tired and irritated, dealing with heat and sand-storms every evening. One day I decided to stop shooting and take a day off. I prayed to god to help me out, though I knew the damages of missing or wasting every single minute. It’s unbelievable how in just no time, my ideas took a turn... I felt the rush of energy and freshness in me, I looked outside and the weather was calm, no sand-storm, in fact we witnessed a nippy evening.

Who or what are your spiritual ideals/inspirations?
A clean heart and folded hands can do wonders, instead of heavy expenditure on poojas with a crooked heart. Believe in what your heart says as God lies deep withing our hearts, never do wrong or injustice to anyone and you’ll be on top of the world.

What does happiness mean to you?
Happiness to me is just a smile on my face. I was even happy when I used to deliver video cassettes and run a video library and I’m happy today being a film director who’s honoured by many people. I think my tendency to be happy, no matter what has kept me

What’s your personal solution for communal harmony in India?
I believe there is only one religion, which is Humanity. Respect human life, it is too precious to waste.

Do you have a mind talisman?
Whenever I am too burdened or tired, being with my family and especially my daughter, Siddhi, refreshes me. If I’m away, I always pick up the phone and speak to them.

— Malvika Nanda