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God's own temple

india Updated: Aug 09, 2011 00:22 IST
PP Wangchuk

An open mind is God's own temple. One gets to learn this after reading Osho. One also gets to learn to question the established views, particularly religious. Today, the world is in a flux and the theories propounded years ago may have to be discarded.

This is in conformity with the teachings of the Buddha. The Buddha was perhaps the first social scientist to make a formal call to question every established theory. He said nobody should accept what he said without first challenging it because nobody can claim to have a final say on any issue.

Nothing is permanent as everything changes with the passage of time. There is close link between this way of thinking and what Osho has to say. Osho too stresses on an open and critical mind and says, for instance, truth is highly individual and can't be collective. It means that truth for A can't be the truth for B. And hence there can never be anything called collective truth. The lesson: Your truth may very well be a lie for me!

The only truth here is that an open mind alone gives one the freedom to relate to the changes around and keep growing. When someone challenges you and tries to trash your line of thought, you should seize the moment to reflect instead of rubbishing his point of view. Maybe, he has a point of view that is superior to yours. And, if that is not digestible, just listen and forget. After all, it costs nothing to be less egoistic.

An open mind flowers up and its beauty too gets enhanced. It becomes a reservoir of all things beautiful and virtuous. It, like colourful flowers, is pleasant to the beholders and never fails to enhance their charm and beauty. It becomes God's own temple where egos melt away and where nobody can claim it to be his exclusive.

It was for this reason that we have Swamy Vivekananda saying,” God’s temple is where the small self is burnt/ where the Nataraja dances/ where Jehova speaks out of the whirlwind/ where the Quran claims La Ilaha il Allah."