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Good luck for ’10

india Updated: Jan 01, 2010 19:54 IST
Raman Datta
Raman Datta
Hindustan Times
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To welcome happiness and prosperity into our house we need to take care of the main entrance area, as it’s the face of your house and the front door is the mouth through which your house breathes in nature’s auspicious and inauspicious energies.

A solid front door can make a huge difference to your life. If you generally feel insecure and that events are beyond your control, you might simply need to replace your front door. If it is mainly glass, it will be creating instability. Chi behaves like light in many respects and it can pass through glass very easily. A solid front door will make everything much stronger and more stable.

Feng Shui and Vaastu is clear about this — get the main door right, make it auspicious, and 80 per cent of things at your house or workplace will get sorted. To attract positive energy, it is important to decorate the front door. Many homes have Lakshmiji, and Ganeshji the symbol of wealth and good fortune carved on the lintel to give blessing as people enter. Here are some basic rules to observe with respect to your main door to improve your health, wealth and prosperity luck and enhance your opportunities in life for better 2010.


1. If you generally feel insecure and that events are beyond your control, replace your front door and have a solid one in its place.

2. The door frame should be rectangular and any arch should be set above the door frame. Square doors should be avoided.

3. The main door that opens in a clockwise direction is more fortunate than one which opens anti-clockwise.

4. Place healthy plants near the door area make a space feel attractive.

5. Place a fountain or cascade of water outside your front door, on the right hand side of the door as you enter. This allows good fortune.

6. Make sure that your name plate, your house number is clearly visible for all to see. This will also support for your career and recognition.

7. No two doors to different houses or apartment should be directly opposite one another. The combination of cosmic energy may create uneasiness between the neighbours.

8. The front door is the main ch’i entry point for the house, and should ideally look out upon an open space.

9. Avoid the following features in front of your main door — tree, well, temple, pole or pillar, garbage yard, graveyard, large wall, large building or large structures.

10. Do not leave the front door open when the wind is blowing towards it, as the wind will blow money and good luck out of the house.

11. The front door should not line up directly with the back door of the house. Otherwise, the house will have a very hard time in retaining the positive chi into the house.

12. The main door should not open directly facing the toilet. If it does, then any good fortune entering your home will get flushed away.

13. The main door should not face a staircase directly. The longer the staircase, more harm it does to the house.