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Good man, bad man

india Updated: Jul 12, 2012 22:27 IST

The other day, sitting in a park, I got in a pensive mood. As cool breeze soothed my mind and soul, a thought struck my mind: What is the status/standing of a man?

A man is just a speck of dust in terms of physics; he is a creative unit if he leaves behind some thing memorable for posterity; and he is spiritually elevated if he has united himself with God.

Most of us live only to eat. Yes, very few eat to live. The people in the first category eat, sleep, procreate and die. They are thus qualified to be called nothing but a speck of dust. The other category of people do things in life that their contribution helps mankind lead a happier life. This includes scientists and engineers, including those involved in genetic engineering and also those in research jobs, medical fraternity, social and political scientists, economists, etc.

The third category of men is the type that sees reflection of God in everyone and everything. They are the saints either living amidst the milling crowd of our vast population or in the solitude of mountains.

We are born and hence we will die too. Most of us get much from nature but we contribute very little or nothing to it. We are selfish and greedy by nature. We have learnt to take but have failed to give.

Normally, we judge a person by what he does for his livelihood or how much he has learnt in terms of material knowledge and not by what level of spiritual elevation he has attained. How much respect one holds in social circle is viewed by how much he earns in terms of money, his/her professional talent or yield power in society. One may be an excellent doctor, engineer etc. but may not be necessarily a good person.

The criterion of judging a man should be what kind of soul he is – a really enlightened being or just one who does nothing but devouring nature’s bounty without sharing it with the rest on this planet.