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Got it, flaunt it!

In a democracy you have the right to be a vulgarian on weddings — whether officials like it or not.

india Updated: Apr 20, 2011 23:19 IST

We understand that a member of the National Advisory Council, a Congress MP and a former governor have our best interests at heart. But would you like them to decide on how to get your child sent off in holy matrimony? Now it is possible that for the child and heir, you might be willing to splash out on Beluga caviar harvested by vestal virgins to be washed down with sparkling wine concocted by pixies in the Bavarian forest. Or in the case of some of our elected representatives, there could be several days of fun and games fuelled by Scotch that Scotland has never heard of and cuisines so outré that no gourmet worth his Maldon sea salt would be seen near it. But then again, if vulgarity is your calling card for your child’s wedding, we don’t have the same problems that the worthies from public life have with all this.

A crunching of several functions is one suggestion from the likes of the abstemious souls who quite rightly feel that the Guest Control Order of the 1960s under which there was a restriction on the number of guests called for such functions unless special permission were sought from designated officials should be on the menu. How is this frugality to be enforced? Will the government designate a swoop squad to pop down and berate the proud parents for throwing in a paneer piece too many? We can only wonder whether people in public life do not have more serious things to worry about.

Yes, we do agree that drinking limited edition champagne or munching on salmon raised by hand may not sit well in a country plagued by farmers’ suicides. But in a democracy you have every right to be a vulgarian, provided your vulgarity or excess does not impinge upon public spaces. So by all means do hire the bhangra band and drink Château Pétrus till it comes out of your ears, but do ensure that your band-baraat does not clog up the public space of the less fortunate. After, all it is all about till wealth do us apart.