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GUIDING LIGHT| Thinking...

Thinking is a process of analysing yourself. It is a continuous process, a pool of experiences & ideas, writes Mukesh Setia.

india Updated: Jul 21, 2006 11:19 IST

Thinking is a process of analysing yourself and your surroundings. It is a continuous process, a pool of experiences and ideas and your participation in that.

Thinking requires effort, and hence we have to focus our efforts for maximum effectiveness, according to the thought's objective, tactics and requirements.

Every human thinks, but thinks differently. And at the same time, thought processes aren't restricted to only one issue or direction. A person can think about the economics and improvement of the office, can think for his or her personal growth and identity and at the same time can think for his country and home. No one can control thinking and its extent, and thoughts can be limitless.

Let's use an example to explore this idea.
There is a car and we have to go somewhere that is 15 km away.
What should we do?

The answer seems to be very clear: We can take the car and can easily reach our destination.

My dear friends, the example above is logical and has clear answer. A person would take just a few seconds to make such a decision and this type of thinking is called vertical thinking, in which we are concerned with a quick solution.

But at the same time one can think in various directions, such as: Does the car have fuel in it; what about the pressure in the tires; do I have requisite qualifications to drive; do I know the way; what is the traffic like? There are many other questions that can spring from a seemingly simple situation, and they result in a process known as lateral thinking.