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'Hand over Prabhakaran first'

Surfers forcefully claim the LTTE can't kill our PM and hope to get away.

india Updated: Jun 30, 2006 13:42 IST

We carried a story by our Colombo correspondent about the LTTE. Among other things it said, the Tamil outfit made a statement that if India could forgive the Sikhs for assassinating Indira Gandhi, why not them.

Without exception, our surfers denounce both the statement and the claim.

For one, they say Sikhs have never been considered non-Indians. Second, killing the Prime Minister of our country and expecting that a 'sorry' would do the trick is far fetched.

It may be recalled that LTTE spokesperson Anton Balasingham, in an interview to a news channel, had said that the LTTE regretted assassinating the then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi.

Our surfers hold the view that goodwill is earned, not taken as a birthright.

Here's how the views follow:

New Delhi's Anand Kapoor is highly annoyed at such an audacious comparison.

"To suggest that India had ever regarded the Sikh community 'guilty' simply because they were considered killers of Indira Gandhi is downright foolishness."

If only the bloodthirsty leadership of the LTTE had the wisdom to remove their blinkers for once and stop seeing everything in the world around them in purely ethnic lines, the history of their organisation would perhaps have been much different and so many innocent lives spared.

Balasingham needs to be reminded that India does not regard the entire Tamil community guilty of murdering Rajiv (just as it did not hold Hindus responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi) -- that crime has firmly been charged into the account of the terrorists belonging to his LTTE.

Brutal terrorists who display absolutely no compunctions when killing blameless innocent individuals in the name of their grievances real or imagined, surely deserve no better themselves.

TRS of Stockholm in Sweden too seems hardly impressed with the comparison.

"A ridiculous comparison by LTTE. The present PM is neither a killer nor a mastermind of a terrorist organisation. He is a most qualified economist.

LTTE chief and his organisation, despite getting all support from India, assassinated Rajiv Gandhi. This became the turning point for every Indian who had sympathy for them. The organistaion was later banned by the Government.

Nobody wants to take up their cause in India except some parties in Tamil Nadu that too when they face elections. May be they are making such ridiculous arguments with their peace negotiator on several issues. That is why there is no progress."

Amit from New Delhi too isn't convinced with such comparisons.

"Sikhs are integral part of India and they helped the country to rebuild after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the unfortunate 1984 riots. While the top bosses of LTTE never stick to their comments and can't be trusted, they are not and will not take any part in building either India or Sri Lanka."

Raja from Hyderabad in India suggested that the LTTE hand over their supremo Prabhakaran and then India shall consider pardon.

"India hanged Godse (for killing Gandhiji), India hanged the convicted Sikhs who killed Indira Gandhi. Similarly let LTTE hand over the people who ordered the killing of Rajiv Gandhi (Prabrakaran in this case) and after that India will think of pardoning LTTE."

Mumbai's Suresh too thought on similar lines. "LTTE should hand over Prabhakaran. Then we will think of pardoning."

However, a lone voice did stand in support of LTTE.

"Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should apologise to the people of Tamil Eelam. Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) had killed more than 3,000 Tamil people, raped Tamil women irrespective of their age and destroyed much of Tamil heritage during their occupation in Tamil Eelam," said Siva from Jaffna in Sri Lanka.


All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of HindustanTimes.com.