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Happiness is within

india Updated: Oct 01, 2010 01:40 IST
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It does not matter what is the nature of your activity, essentially you are in pursuit of happiness. But, this happiness has been so elusive.

‘If my boss is yelling at me, how can I be blissful? If my wife is not co-operating with me, how can I be blissful? If my bank balance is zero, how can I become blissful?’

These are all life situations, and maybe things have gone out of control and turned unpleasant for you.

It does not matter how carefully you walk through this life, invariably you will step into some unpleasantness and difficulties.

So, how is it possible to de-link the outside factors and be at peace? If you look at your own life’s experience, whenever happiness happened to you, it didn’t matter what the stimulus was.

Maybe, you watched the sunrise and you became very joyful; maybe you heard some music and you became very joyful; maybe you achieved some success and you were joyful.

Remember that whenever you happened to be joyful, it always bubbled up from within you.

It never rained upon you from somewhere else.

That shows very clearly that the very source of happiness is right within you, but the stimulus is outside.

Therefore, the choice has to be yours: whether you want to keep the stimulus outside or you want to import it into you.

The source of happiness is within you but the switch for it is in somebody else’s hands. They can turn it on or turn it off.

Anybody can make you happy, anybody can make you unhappy. Similarly, any situation can hijack your happiness at any moment.

If your very way of being is deeply enslaved to the external situation, then that is the worst form of slavery.

If you have to liberate yourself from this horrible form of slavery, then the first and foremost thing is that you need to understand that the basis of your experience is within you, and not outside.

One has to understand it and correct one’s way of living life accordingly.

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