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How can I stop my sexual urge?

My wife has cancer. I want to have sex but she is not game for it. It's been over an year now and I am going crazy! I would be glad to take something to stop my sexual urges.

india Updated: Jul 11, 2006 16:35 IST


How can I stop my sexual urge?

I am 40-years-old and my wife has cancer. Both of her breasts have been removed. She cannot take hormone pills so she takes hormone blockers. I want to have sex but she is not game for it. It's been over an year now and I am going crazy! I would be glad to take something to stop my sexual urges. I try to jerk off but what else? Please help.


To have or not to have?

2. I'm a 33-year-old married man with two children. I've always had negative thoughts about sex. When I got married, I thought I'm having erectile dysfunction but after some time found out that I have no problems at all. After that, from last four months I'm suffering from premature ejaculation. I always last for less than a minute. I tried wearing two condoms and found out that it lasts longer but still something is missing. I always get doubts about sex and am not able to concentrate. Otherwise, I have no problems with my wife. How do I overcome this problem?


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'I have two husbands'

I am married to two men and both are brothers. I have two kids from them. We are leading a happy life in the same house. While one of them is mostly abroad, other is with us for a specific period. I want to know if there are any legal hassles involved in having two husbands? Also, can this pose any health problem for me because I have read that having sexual relationship with more than one can lead to problems? Please help me out.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
According to Hindu Marriage Act, it is illegal for a woman to have more than one living husband at the same time. (Polyandry is as much illegal as polygamy). But the legal problems start only after somebody files a suit in the court. So as long as nobody is complaining there are no legal hassles. Sex with two known partners, who otherwise are chaste outside this arrangement, is harmless. The problem of sexually transmitted diseases start only if any of the partners becomes sexually active outside this threesome as well.


Crush on hubby's friend

I am a 26-year-old happily married woman. I am attracted to my husband's colleague. But I have no contact with him. He is not married. I want this guy to fall for me or woo me. Is it possible given the fact that I am married? My second question is: Is it natural for a married female to get attracted to unmarried men. Lastly, do unmarried guys also get attracted to married females? Please help in giving an advice because it's getting very difficult for me concentrate on anything.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Sexual attraction occurs across all barriers put up by the society. Married or unmarried status is only a social position and not biological state. It is natural and normal for a married female to be attracted towards any married or unmarried male and vice-versa. In fact, all the rules and regulations of marriage have been put in place to put restrictions on expression of these sexual thoughts. Instead of getting confused over the issue you should concentrate on your married relationship and make your marriage a success.