How cows and cycles have added to Bihar poll drama

  • Rajesh Kumar Thakur, Hindustan Times, Hajipur
  • Updated: Oct 08, 2015 12:51 IST
Bovine creatures have added horsepower to the poll drama in Bihar. (Sunil Ghosh/ HT Photo)

Beef controversy aside, bovine creatures have added horsepower to the poll drama in Bihar. So has the good old bicycle.

Swanky SUVs are the preferred modes of transport for most candidates in Bihar. But their urge to display rustic simplicity for connecting with rural voters sometimes makes them opt for movers without internal combustion engines.

Candidates in the eight assembly segments of Vaishali district, for instance, chose to travel on bullock carts, buffalo back, tam-tam (horse-driven carriage) and bicycle for filing their nomination papers.

Kedar Prasad, the Samajwadi Party’s candidate from the Lalganj seat, risked violating the model code of conduct by riding a bicycle – his party’s symbol – to the returning officer’s office on Wednesday. An FIR was lodged against him.

In Mahua, independent candidate Vinod Rai rode a bullock cart to file his papers. But his ‘road show’ was not as dramatic as that of two independent candidates in Hajipur.

If Vijay Kumar amused bystanders with his decorated tam-tam, Subhash Rai provided comic relief astride a buffalo wearing garlands of marigold.

The buffalo, frightened by the crowd, went berserk and threw Rai off her back. The people helped him stand up and limp back home.

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