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How police pinned Lalit

india Updated: Nov 04, 2006 14:01 IST

THE POLICE belief that Lalit Kundi, who committed suicide in Prashant Lodge in the City on Wednesday night, killed Alka Barsagre comes from a series of both scientific and circumstantial evidence that was pieced together over the months.

Sources in the police who were closely associated with the case maintain that when they first started investigations, Lalit was nowhere on their radar. However, they had come to know that sometime before her death Alka had changed her mobile phone number after she received a number of lewd messages from someone. Police took out the call details of the old number and found that the messages had come from a phone by the name of ‘Mr Jain’.

However, when they checked the address they found it to be a fake one. It was a major roadblock, and the police would not have pursued this line had not other leads slowly dried up.

They traced the calls that had been made from ‘Mr Jain’s’ mobile, and talked to the persons who had received the calls. Luckily for them, a few of those called said that they had received the call from Lalit, who lived in Meerut.

They also found Lalit’s name in Alka’s phone diary and a Meerut number beside it. Working on the theory that Lalit was the killer, police had to establish the fact that Lalit was present in Indore at the time of the murder and also that he knew Alka.

Through Alka’s sister, they came to know that Lalit was having an affair with a girl in Indore, who had earlier stayed in the same hostel as Alka. Police contacted the girl and she told them that Lalit had come to Indore and was here from August 23 to 27 and then suddenly disappeared. He had later contacted her and lied that he had suffered an accident and was bed-ridden in Meerut, so he could not meet her.

Police said that they also had to establish that Lalit had met Alka on that day or had contacted her during that period. After a little bit of digging they found that Lalit and his girlfriend used to meet at the Indian Coffee House, Bhanwarkuan, and he used to make calls to his home in Meerut and other places from the STD PCO next to it. The police struck gold when they found that a call had indeed been made to Alka’s mobile from that STD PCO number.

They talked to some of the other friends and acquaintances of Lalit and found that he had told one of his friends on August 25 (the day Alka was murdered) that he was going towards Vijaynagar, and that he would meet him at around 2.30 pm.

However, Lalit did not meet  him at the appointed time and what was more did not even answer the phone, which was unusual. He later came to the friend’s house in a highly disturbed state at around 8 pm and went off to sleep without much interaction.

The next morning, he was off with the simple explanation that he had something urgent to do. Incidentally, when he reached his friend’s house he was carrying a bag, which the police believed was the laptop stolen from Alka’s house.

After checking the Alka’s mail, police found that she used to receive mails from Lalit and when they checked Lalit’s mail they found that he was in the habit of befriending a large number of females, and his intension in most cases was not solely friendship.

Now police wanted to talk to Lalit and confront him with the proofs, and try to nail him down. However, he proved elusive. In the end, due to pressure from his family members he had agreed to surrender before the court or the police, and he had come to Indore for that purpose.

In the end, why he changed his mind, no one will know, and with him the details of what transpired between Alka and Lalit that lead to the murder will remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma.