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How to get perfect hair

india Updated: Jul 28, 2010 19:54 IST
How to get perfect hair

UK hairstylist Michael van Clarke has released a new haircare range, specifically designed to protect your hair from premature aging and to make it grow longer. Here, he shares his ten top tips for aspiring Rapunzels.

1. Throw away your dryer nozzle

"Unless you have thick wavy hair which you need to dry dead straight, your nozzle unnecessarily concentrates heat and can lead to excessive damage. Keep a one-inch (around 2.5 cm) gap between your hair and the end of the dryer."

2. Always use conditioner

"Shampoos open the cuticle to clean, conditioners reseal the surface cuticle for protection, shine, and comb-ability."

Hair3. Color your hair professionally

"Choose a colorist that cares about condition and quality, and is up-to-date. Modern tints are much gentler on the hair."

4. Use a deep treatment at least once a week

"[Van Clarke's new range,] the 3"' more inches Deep Treatment System with its unique cashmere protein complex, is the quickest and the best for restoring suppleness, reducing breakage, and maintaining the vibrancy of colours. Just 60 seconds of your time to apply it."

5. Use a professional saw-cut comb

"Moulded plastic combs often have imperfections on the teeth which can lacerate the surface cuticle, aging the hair prematurely. 3"' more inches professional combs are saw-cut from one piece then hand polished by artisans in Germany."

6. Do not use a brush to take out knots on wet hair

"When hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to gently ease out knots from the ends first, working up to the roots. Don't believe the myth of brushing hair 100 times before bedtime. Once it's brushed, further friction just wears it out quicker."

7. Always protect your hair in the sun

"Hats or scarves are best, protective treatments come second. The UV rays of the sun break down the molecular structure of hair, which unlike skin doesn't recover its appearance within a few weeks. Long hair can take years to renew."

8. Trim ends regularly

"Trim every 3-8 weeks depending on length and style. As the ends decay and disintegrate they look tired and unattractive. Any splitting can also travel up the hair shaft if not caught in time."

9. Choose a good stylist

"The right haircut well executed can save you 95% of the time you may be spending ‘over styling' your hair."

10. Use a little light wax or moisturizing cream on dry ends

"This will protect and keep the hair looking and feeling healthier. Try 3"' more inches Thicken & Shine Finishing Feed."

The 3"' more inches Deep Treatment System by Michael van Clarke, comprising a pre-wash treatment, shampoo, conditioner, 'finishing feed' and combs, is now available online and at Space NK stores. Prices range from $20 to $35.

For an alternative anti-aging product range for your hair, try Redken's Time Reset.