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How to make India safe

india Updated: Aug 02, 2006 18:04 IST

Terrorism of all sorts whether Sikh or Jihadi terrorism sponsored by Pakistan mostly through Bangladesh which is a safe haven for terrorists or Naxalite terrorism has its roots not only in the soft stand taken by us against Pakistan and Bangladesh but also the poverty and especially the poverty among literate unemployed youth which makes them a fodder for terrorists.

In my opinion, terrorism can be rooted out from India if the following unpopular measures are taken:

(i) Compulsory control of population. Excessive population breeds on poverty and illiteracy and poor people are more likely to serve as fodder for terrorists.

(ii) Throwing out Bangladeshi illegal migrants and sealing borders with Bangladesh as Bangladesh has become a hub of terrorist activities because its huge poor population could be exploited in the name of religion and through the lure of money to join the ranks of terrorists.

(iii) Scrapping all so called confidence-building measures like running of buses and trains to Pakistan as terrorists are likely to infiltrate into India through these buses and trains.

(iv) Scrapping Article 370 of the Constitution so that J&K becomes a state of India like any other state and its people become integrated with India.

(v) Scrapping all reservation policies so that meritorious people could come to top and do not feel disgruntled so that they could become potential terrorists.

(vi) Reform police and judicial system so that justice is meted out to all fairly and speedily. Here we should not forget that many people like Man Singh, Phoolan Devi took to arms because they could not get justice. Best thing would be to follow USA's Constitution and have elected judges, elected registrars of courts, elected public prosecutors and elected police chiefs who have no case pending against them and are adequately qualified to hold their jobs.

(vii) Amending the election system so that no person against whom a case is pending in a court of law can become a Member of Parliament or MLA or Member of a municipal committee/corporation. When even a clerk cannot enter government service while a case is pending against him in a court, how people are allowed to become MPs and MLAs is really not understandable? Most of the MPs/MLAs with criminal cases pending against them encourage other people to take to criminal activities including terrorism.

All these measures would, of course, require grit and determination on the part of the government and it must implement these measures to root out terrorism from India.

Moreover, government has also to implement economic reforms, labour reforms to attract foreign investment in infrastructure as well as to treat agriculture as industry i.e. encourage contract farming and corporate farming so that the lands of small and marginal farmers are sold by them to corporates and all these farmers become the employees of the sector and given facilities/protection under Industrial Disputes Act and other labour laws so that they too can have EPF, ESIC, medical insurance and other benefits and this way, poverty among the farmers which forces them to commit suicide.

The following things, to my mind, would be reduced and they would not fall a prey to the call of Pakistan sponsored terrorists or Naxalite terrorists.