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Hum log out

Internet Addiction Disorder is a serious ailment. Instead of checking into rehab, come to India to kick the habit.

india Updated: Aug 30, 2009 19:52 IST

It’s difficult to not give into the many temptations that the big, bad world lures us into every moment. Even hunkering in front of a computer screen and attempting to look busy has its own problems, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) to be precise. But there’s always hope. So the moment you realise that you’re slowly losing your grip on your usual way of behaving and start getting hooked to the mouse and monitor, you should rush off to the world’s first rehab centre for internet junkies in the US.

The programme offered, aptly called reSTART, claims to make suffering surfers ‘normal’ again by disconnecting them from the rest of the world, especially the virtual one, for 45 days. Cold turkey with yoga, nature-connect, development of social skills and discovery quests are supposed to do the trick. It’s not the Betty Ford Centre, but at about $15,000 it can be heavy on your pocket. But do internet junkies here in India need to go through this programme? Well, considering that interrupted power supply and bumpy internet connections restrict us from even logging in to our mailing accounts, the internet for most of us is still more marijuana than crack cocaine.

Even then, if we still get hooked to the disorder, there’s a natural way out of it. Set out from the metros and go into the wide blue yonder where even your portable networks won’t reach you. We suggest just as it’s a health tourism destination, India should also become the chosen (read: cheap) destination for IAD treatment. Let’s first hook up to the Net and see what the competition is offering.