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I'm back in action: Hrithik Roshan

After the Cinthol ad and the Krazzy 4 item song actor Hrithik Roshan is happy that he's finally found a solution to overcome his knee injury.

india Updated: Apr 22, 2008 14:33 IST

A lot has been written about Hrithik Roshan's item song in his home production Krazzy 4, but very few know that the FX in the track has been done at Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies.

"The FX in my item song in Krazzy 4 has been done at Shah Rukh's Red Chillies studios. They did a fabulous job. They completely went by the vision in my head," Hrithik told IANS in an interview.

Excerpts from the interview:

Your item song in Krazzy 4 has made a gigantic impact?
I'm shocked and happy. This is the first time I had the option to dance as and when I wanted. Going by my knee injury the best thing would've been not to dance at all. But fortunately I've found a solution to my knee problem. It's all taken care of.

How did you find the cure?
Well, I read a quote somewhere, 'If you seek well, you shall find'. I persevered and cured it. I just have to keep the maintenance part of that cure going on for a lifetime. Then I can continue dancing my ass off.

Why did you allow your knee to get so bad?
Heat of the moment is a very powerful incentive to push you beyond the moment. I never really paid any attention to the pain. I guess it's the excitement of being young that drives you into doing improbable things. But I'm telling you, I've never been happier. With the Cinthol ad and Krazzy 4 song, I'm back in action. As for the success of Jodhaa Akbar, I couldn't ask for a better culmination of my two years of gruelling work and pain. The applause is just an add-on.

Were you nervous about the new item song?
I was dancing after a long time and I loved the track from the start. Shah Rukh Khan came into the picture because I couldn't dance with that knee. The sets were up and the song had to be shot. I thought my knee would heal, but it didn't. I was intermittently on the crutch. I went to dad and told him I wouldn't be able to dance. So Shah Rukh bailed us out. Very generous of him! Then, I finally did another version of the song, which was used in the film's end-titles and also for promotional purposes on television.

Yours and Shah Rukh's versions are totally different?
There's no room for comparison between us. The knee injury became a kind of blessing for this song. It opened up my mind to so many new steps. I got a chance to innovate and let my feet take over from my mind. After Ganesh Acharya showed me my steps, I added my own bits to it and made something entirely different.

Have you ever improvised dance steps before?
To some extent, yes, but not like this. I know nothing about choreography, but I take a step and take it where it feels right. Let's not take away from Ganesh's talent.

You actually sat on the editing table for this item song?
ell, if it's a home production I always take interest in the technical aspects. With my dad's films I've been involved in all the post-production work. The FX in my item song in Krazzy 4 has been done at Shah Rukh's Red Chillies studios. They did a fabulous job. They completely went by the vision in my head.