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'I think it’s vulgar to shout about your private life from the rooftop'

india Updated: Jan 26, 2009 18:38 IST
Janaki Vishwanathan

Konkana Sen Sharma gets candid with Janaki Vishwanathan about her personal relationships, her engagement to actor Ranvir Shorey, forthcoming flick Luck By Chance, and 'starry tantrums'...

Dil Kabaddi, then The President is Coming... and now Luck by Chance is on its way... this must be your quickest succession of films.
(Cuts in) Everyone’s forgotten about The President is Coming... and Dil Kabaddi. My children are not being treated equally.

Is Luck by Chance a spoof of the film industry?
I haven’t watched the film yet. There will be elements that we’ll recognise and laugh at.. but it’s not a spoof. <b1>

Farhan Akhtar and you play struggling actors... you’re both star kids... isn’t that ironical?
My mother has been a part of parallel cinema. So I’m not a star kid in the way that Abhishek Bachchan or Hrithik Roshan are.

It wasn’t very tough for you to break into Bollywood... was it?
Yeah, touchwood. I didn’t want to be an actress. I was in college when I was offered two Bengali movies. Then Mr and Mrs Iyer happened. I thought I’d do a couple of films as a hobby and then get a real job.

Ranvir Shorey is described as your fiancé now...is the engagement official?
(Voice drops) It doesn’t matter whether it’s all over the place. I’m not comfortable talking about it.

Who’s the actor whom you think you look best with?
Irrfan Khan.

You’ve been in quite a few Madhur Bhandarkar films. Are you in his Jail as well?

(Laughs) No.. not yet. But suddenly Madhur will call and say, “Koko, come for one day na,” and I’ll have to run around trying to fit the date in.

It’s been seven years since you got into Bollywood. Have you changed?
No, I still feel like I’m in college. Now I earn money and I have a CA... really boring stuff, but I haven’t changed.

There’s been talk that you throw ‘starry’ attitude..
Who said that? I don’t believe this. I’m well-behaved. It’s hard for me to throw tantrums because no one listens to me.
On the rare occasion that I get angry, I get really angry and I have this habit of banging the phone. But I cool off as quickly as I flare up.

How old were you when your parents split?
I was four or five. But they’ve remained friends. Both remarried wonderful people, so I’ve always felt blessed that I have two sets of parents.

How come you’re okay with talking about that but not about your own private life?
I think it’s vulgar to shout about your private life from the rooftop. I may meet the odd journalist I like. But if I talk freely, the news will go to another sensational journalist. My parents’ divorce was their decision. I hardly had a say in that!

The tagline of your film Wake Up Sid says that it’s 'About a young and good-looking man who falls in love with... an older and..and not so good-looking woman!'
Yeah, I’m shocked. You’ll have to ask the director (Ayaan Mukherjee).

Why older?
Yeah, the girl is supposed to be a couple of years older than Ranbir Kapoor but that’s about it. And why “not so good looking?” She’s bloody gorgeous!