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Ignorance breeds intolerance

india Updated: Oct 09, 2009 14:37 IST

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Sagari Chhabra in Conversion, that old prop (September 29) has rightly mentioned that Christians are being attacked just to gain political mileage and to divert our attention from real issues. I have been part of a Christian institution for years and we were never taught anything to influence our religious preferences; only to respect our religion, families, values and country. Till date I have not come across a single student who has converted to Christianity after studying in this school. As a responsible Indian, I feel ashamed of the violence against minorities and condemn these acts.

Gautam Jain, Delhi


The recent attacks against Christians are an insult to the vision of our founding fathers. It is clear that these attacks are being perpetrated by communal forces. Let it be known that Indian Christians are patriotic and have always contributed to the nation in the field of education, healthcare and social services, and like all secular-minded Indians, do not discriminate against any religion. Conversion was not the aim of Jesus Christ. His message was of tolerance, peace and brotherhood.

Prashant Solomon, Delhi

Time for reaching out

The report Blacklisted (September 29) was disheartening because we must not alienate an entire community for the misdeeds of a few fanatics. We must create a feeling of reassurance in the minds of communities under attack to preserve a society that can cater to the needs of all. Muslim clerics have already condemned the killings, declaring them as anti-Islamic. Exercising restraint and extending a healing hand will help develop a feeling of fraternity, especially during the month of Ramzan.

Kuldip Singh, Delhi

Two sides of the truth

it was painful to read Pratik Kanjilal’s explanation in Putting mind over matter (The Word this Week, September 27) for the terror wave, ostensibly provoked by the unequal treatment of Muslims. If a provocation is sufficient ground for mindless violence, why is the writer baying for Narendra Modi’s blood for a small section of Hindu Gujaratis going berserk to avenge the Godhra carnage?

M Ratan, Delhi

Media must exercise caution

What is the objective of the series War within? In fact, it is the so-called secular parties and the Muslim leadership that are ensuring that the entire community gets labelled as terrorists. It is time that the Muslim leadership takes concrete steps to salvage the image of the community, with the help of a more responsible media.

Deepti Dutt, Noida

Bleak future for India

NK Singh in Education for dummies (September 26) has devoted only one paragraph for primary education, which is vital for rural and urban poor, and devoted the rest of his article to higher education. Is he aware of what is happening to the children of government primary schools in India? When a child from the fifth standard can’t do simple multiplication and division, I see only frustration ahead for an entire generation. How will these children develop under a flawed system which is doing nothing to alter their bleak future is anybody’s guess.

Lakshmi Bhargava, via email