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IIT-K workshop educates children on quakes

india Updated: Nov 06, 2006 00:15 IST

THE CIVIL Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-K) organised a workshop for the school children at the computer science auditorium to impart them basic education about earthquakes and measures to mitigate the destruction and suffering caused by the earthquakes.

Three eminent professor delivered their lectures on the topics “Water”, Earthquake— How safe are we” and “Global Warming”.

Speaking about the relevance of water in the global context a professor from JNU Dr V Rajamani said that indiscriminate use of water had led the level of underground water to go deeper. In many areas the underground water had become scarce, he said.

He advised the children that they should learn proper management of water resources. With the depletion of the underground water the rivers would go dry and they would change their course. Besides, the probabilities of earthquakes would also grow.

He advised the teachers that they should take special care in inculcating a sense of preserving water among the children during their stay at school.
Dr Rajiv Sinha of IIT-K while discussing the issue of global warming said that due to high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the problem of global warming had erupted. The chief causes of concentration of carbon dioxide were the high rate of industrialisation and other emissions.

He said studies had revealed that during the past one century the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had gone up to 360 PPM against 260 PPM. He said the studies had estimated the concentration to go up to 600 PPM if the industrial and other emission sources were allowed to remain go unabated.
He said that during the past one hundred years (from 1900) the global temperature had increased by six degree centigrade. It is believed that two degree centigrade was raised due to natural cyclic changes while the rise of four degree centigrade was caused by various human activities.

Speaking about “Earthquakes — How safe we are” Professor CVR Murty of IIT-K said that 60 cities of the country were highly susceptible to earthquakes and suitable measures should be taken to protect the life and property of the people here.

He further said that over 20 crore buildings in the cities were in danger and they could have the worst effect of the earthquake. He said that for making safer buildings both the architects and the house owners should ensure that the bands were used to lock the corners of the buildings and the buildings should be constructed using the principles of concrete and masonry construction for creating a safe building.

He said it was unfortunate that the education about constructing the earthquake resistant buildings was not imparted to the students either at the colleges or even at the engineering institutes.

He said that a combined effort should be made to create awareness about making the earthquake-resistant buildings.

About 60 students and their teachers from 12 schools participated at the workshop. Students also displayed the posters showing the causes of earthquake hazards.