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In none we trust

india Updated: Jul 25, 2008 00:57 IST

In none we trust

With reference to Indrajit Hazra’s analysis in Breaking view (July 23) on the drama that unfolded in Parliament, when we elect criminals and anti-social elements to represent us, are such incidents unexpected? Even before D-day, the media had been quoting the punter’s rate for and against the motion. Nothing was done to curb the menace of auctioning of votes nor were there any words of condemnation. It was shameful, disgusting and has lowered the dignity of the largest democracy in the world no end. It would be naive to think that the Prime Minister was not aware of the goings-on, though he may not be involved in them.

OP Tandon, via email


There were some anxious moments on July 22, a day that will be marked in the political history of India. The crisis that
had loomed large over our polity has blown over. The Indo-US nuclear deal will give us an international profile. Also, our energy woes will be considerably eased. This was one moment when parties like the BJP and the Left should have set aside their differences and supported a national cause. The UPA’s victory cut the Left, the BSP and the BJP down to size. The BJP can shout itself hoarse about corruption and horse-trading, but the simple fact is that it has lost the vote.

Milind Kher, via email


Considering that the civil nuclear deal with the US holds advantages for India, the victory of the UPA government in the trust vote is welcome. But the fact that it has come to be linked with bribery charges is regrettable. To prevent such
misappropriation of political privilege, we must amend our Constitution to replace the flawed Westminster system with the presidential system like in the developed Western democracies. There must be a debate on this proposal.

Santosh K Sharma, via email


There was no sign of any principled debate throughout the trust vote in Parliament. Did anyone know or care about the issue of the nuclear deal? Convicted criminals took part in discussions about who should rule the country. Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee did not think it improper to express his revulsion about a major party in the Opposition and yet, without resigning from that party, placed himself in the seat of the judge. The UPA’s agony is just about to begin when the new-found allies begin to demand their pound of flesh. Claims and blames apart, the greatest loser on Tuesday was Indian

CNN Nair, Mumbai

The Speaker's cornered

With reference to the report Day after: Reasons to smile (July 24), it is unfortunate that veteran communist and Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee was expelled from the CPI(M) for upholding parliamentary values and the dignity of the constitutional post he holds with exemplary neutrality. This shows the bourgeoisie factionalism in the party. Indian communists must make it clear whether they believe in democratic institutions or are merely paying lip service to democracy.

Bichu Muttathara, Pune