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In public interest

india Updated: Apr 11, 2007 06:31 IST

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The editorial Judiciary in the dock (April 10) unfairly blames the judiciary for adopting an active role since its genesis lies in legislative failures. While the division of functions in the Constitution is clear, the legislatures have either failed to legislate or done so with ulterior motives on several occasions. The practice of placing acts in the Ninth Schedule to escape judicial review cannot be condoned. The initiatives to use CNG, removal of encroachments, etc. all come from the judiciary while the legislatures subverted and the executive looked on.

JM Manchanda
via e-mail


The judicial review shouldn’t mean a challenge to the authority of the legislature but only a reminder to it of the limits of its authority. In a democracy, it is the people who are supreme, any legislative action perceived by the people at large to be not to their advantage should not be sought to be exempted from judicial scrutiny. The dictum ‘the king can do no wrong’, is not applicable to a legislature because the State exists for the people and not the people for the State.

RK Malhotra

Fate of the earth

The United Nations’ latest report on global warming threatens the existence of the planet. Developed countries that constitute panels of experts on greenhouse effects and pollution should come forward to implement pollution reducing methods because they consume most of the Earth resources.

Abhishek Kumar

Welcome Signal

Apropos of the report Jump a red light or smoke at the wheel, pay Rs 600 (April 9), we owe thanks to the Delhi High Court for issuing fresh orders on traffic rules for buses, scooters and cars. It is a comprehensive system and will be appreciated by everyone provided the traffic officials and police are strict in enforcing the new rules.

M Sampath Kumar