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India: A poem yet to be written

India: A Poem Yet To Be Written. An ode to living in a failed state and state of mind. Jairaj Singh writes.

india Updated: Feb 10, 2013 14:39 IST
Jairaj Singh

India, when will you wake up and see your women are being raped?
India, how far is Pakistan?
India, please understand, I don't want a credit card or a home loan.
India, when will you stop banning books and arresting artists?

India, does China really care about us?
India, when will murderers stop running the country?
India, when will you break news at 9pm with a smile?
India, when will I dress the way I want to, say what I want, and not be afraid to think what I want?

India, when will you stop rubbing your balls in public?
India, how long will you continue to raise vegetable and fuel prices?
India, when will you realise that you can't bribe God?
India, stop calling the poor terrorists.

India, how long will you avoid the pee stains on the caste system?
India, when will you see we aren't being invaded by blue jeans and mobile phones?
India, when will you stop asking your children to make it big?
India, please stop sending your chickens to America.

India, when will you stand in a line?
India, when will the prime minister find the right moment to speak?
India, when will Parliament run without being adjourned?
India, when will you stop talking and start listening?
India, are you Bharat or Hindustan?

India, when will you realise that your shit stinks and we need more toilets?
India, when will Rs 10 be enough?
India, why does democracy exist only in your malls?
India, when will you stop being offended and see your own fault?

India, stop giving me missed calls.
India, you're vacuous as a coal mine.
India, when will you ever find the cure for cancer?
India, how do I get more likes on Facebook and not get arrested?
India, when will recession end?

India, when will you learn to say thank you?
India, where can I get a decent room to get laid?
India, your walls are broken and the clear stream of reason has run dry.
India, I'm afraid, you're not making sense anymore.
India, why can't I stop loving you?

(Poem inspired by Allen Ginsberg's America)