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Inner alchemy

india Updated: Jan 26, 2010 00:51 IST

If it could happen to Buddha, why not you? Well, I am not saying that, though I would have loved to! This is the title of a book, with a subtitle, Understanding the Ancient Secrets of Self-awareness.

Written by Vasant Joshi, an Osho expert, the book showcases the ways to get into one’s innerself, and asks one to ask, ‘Who I am’, and ‘Why I am here’. Joshi says the ‘insights’ that he got during his ‘spiritual walk’ have worked for him, and he hopes he could help his readers by sharing his ‘insights’.

One must realise that unless one is aware of the purpose of life, and tries to achieve consciousness, it is a wasted life. It is a golden opportunity lost forever.

The route to consciousness can be simple or complex, depending on the individual’s bent of mind. It becomes simple if one understands the futility of giving ‘I’ the kind of importance it does not deserve. ‘I’ is the barrier that one has to tackle, and it is best done by what Joshi calls ‘inner alchemy’.

This process of inner alchemy involves transcending the mind, and changing one’s psychological barriers. This transformation involves the awareness and recognition of three things: ‘I am the problem,’ the reality of life, and ‘I am consciousness.’

One’s problems do not come from outside, they are one’s own creation — mostly unconsciously or unwillingly. The external factors only aggravate one’s problems. So, try to learn the first lesson in life: Don’t blame others for your problems.

Secondly, the reality of life is such that one’s expectations do not or may not necessarily match with those outside. In such cases, one has to understand and accept the reality. Otherwise, you would land yourself into a difficult realm of frustration and misery. Thirdly, recognising consciousness and not the mind is of paramount importance.

One must be aware that body and mind have attributes but consciousness has none. It is, as Joshi says, invisible like energy. And, in Osho’s words, consciousness is only ‘is-ness.’