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Insects are best homemakers

The habitual and residing patterns of insects teach architects design.

india Updated: Jul 15, 2006 18:05 IST

"Yuck!" is the word that comes to mind when we think of insects. But did you know that it is insects like termites who get the credit for your modern-day spacious and airy designer homes?

This is because, of late, a lot of architects have started taking interest in the habitual and residing patterns of insects, so as to use this knowledge in designing homes, and commercial other buildings.

The study of insects — entomology — has caught the interest of the budding architects, who have been showing interest in studying this ‘not-so-popular’ branch of science to inculcate the vast knowledge about these tiny creatures in their architectural designs, said Dr V Shubhalaxmi who teaches entomology at the Bombay Natural History Society.

Shubhalaxmi’s view is supported by J J School of Arts lecturer Parul Kumtha, who says that she has been seeing architecture students taking up the subject, be it their personal choice or the quest to learn more through insects.

She said the way termites build their homes in the form of a hill, which is rain and heat resistant, is an interesting aspect of study for her students.

Likewise, the rosette form of house built by a harvester ant is made on a slope in a way to protect it from rainfall, store grains and to protect the insect against any adversities of nature. Architect Laxmi Arya Bhargava also said the hexagonal patterns of beehives is an interesting example for them as a six-sided pattern provides more value for space than a square or rectangle. UNI, Mumbai.