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Insights into Shiva tattva

Animals neither tell lies nor cherish untruth in their minds, nor do plants. Then why do humans lie?

india Updated: Jul 19, 2006 11:30 IST

Why do people tell lies? There are two reasons, personal interest (lying out of fear is included in personal interest) and ingrained habit.

However, this universe is embedded in satya. Animals neither tell lies nor cherish untruth in their minds, nor do plants. One can discern the actual age of a palm tree by reading the marks on its trunk. The tree never lies about its age for some employment advantage. Wolves never change their voices to gain an advantage in catching goats. Human children do not tell lies or entertain falsehood un less taught otherwise. Even those whom we declare to be undeveloped people do not speak or think falsehood as a natural course of action. Only so-called advanced people tell lies, out of personal interest or ingrained habit. But those who are committed to dharma are definitely lovers of satya, like the so-called undeveloped people. And they are much more than that also.

That which is a fact, which has really taken place, we call rta. Be it among plants or animals or among simple, undeveloped people one can easily find the idea of rta as the motivating force for existence in this world. And true followers of dharma can actually improve upon rta and utilise it in a reformed way for the welfare of the world.

Thus, rta when it leads to welfare is called satya.

Based on the strong foundation of satya is the multidimensional growth and expression of dharma. Dharma cannot remain with those who do not follow satya, who do not follow rta, or who indulge in falsehood out of personal interest or ingrained habit.

So however much one might perform rituals or travel to various places of pilgrimage, if one is not sufficiently wedded to satya, dharma will never remain with that person. Hence Shiva’s observation: Dharmah sah na yatra na satymasti (Where there is no satya, there is no dharma). A liar’s vibrations conform to falsehood, against those of the world, which conform to satya, therefore: Mithyavaadi sada dukhi (Liars are always wretched creatures).